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What a great concert (well...except for the couple behind us who had to converse in loud, endless twaddle while Beth played). She was in rare form...wished us all a happy Valentine's (she was wearing red pants to celebrate occasion) and I liked the way she put a different vocal twist to her stuff. I can't give you a run down of the set list, because I've never been one to remember stuff like that =) She did do a Rolling Stones song that she said she'd been practicing....sorry, I can't tell you the name, but it wasn't one of their real popular ones...anyone else who saw the show know what it was?! She told us she'd try to make it through it, but wasn't sure how good it would sound....it was awesome, of course!!

She told the penguin joke, you're right, it sounds much better live!! At one point she started to tell a joke about "two blokes in a pub" but then stopped and said she'd rather sing. She also commented on how big the hall was...guess she's not used to playing places that big. We didn't have the greatest seats...2nd Mezzanine...but the sound quality there is incredible and it sounded like we were sitting first row. I still liked seeing her in the smaller venues, but I'm glad she's being introduced to a larger bunch of people (well...except for the asinine couple that sat behind us).

Beck was also incredible and put on a hell of a show. His new stuff tends to sound like Prince...I may have to look for a sale on the new cd. =) It was incredibly loud though, and my ears are still ringing
this morning!!


Hey all! Beth and her band opened for Beck at New York City's famous Radio City Music Hall on February 14th. I drove up from Philly to hear her, and, due to circumstances beyond my control, missed the first half hour of her set. :

The four songs I did hear were beautiful! What I heard: She Cries Your Name, a cover of the Rolling Stones' No Expectations, Best Bit and So Much More. Beth played from 8p- 8:45p. Does anyone have the full setlist?

Radio City is a HUGE venue. HUGE!!!! Despite getting through on Ticketmaster within the first 7 minutes of the tickets going on sale, I ended up 6 rows from the very top of the theatre! I did the "I shrink your head" thing (from Kids in the Hall) and Beth was one centimeter tall! The acoustics in this venue are amazing, as is Beth's voice, and I must say, she sounded great- even from the tippy-top rows!

Beth showed her usual good humor. Before playing No Expectations, she said something like, "I'm just learning this, but I'll play it anyway!" Later, she started telling a joke that started, "This bloke walks into a bar..." then stopped herself. She said something like, "I'm a singer. I should sing for you instead." (I apologize for the approximate quotes, but I was dizzy from the heights! If only my chest were large enough to hide a tape recorder from security! Hahaha...let's hear it for tall, thin girls!)

'Sorry. I still haven't gotten any sleep yet. :) Ummm...Did I mention that Beth was playing her acoustic guitar? Yup! Every time I see her, she's learned a new song or two! Keep it up, Beth! (But please keep Ted around! Hee hee...)

For those concerned with fashion (I am not!), Beth was wearing one of those longish Indian shirt-dresses, with long sleeves and slits up the sides. She had skinny cigarette pants underneath. The ensemble was pink and white. (Perhaps in honour of Valentine's Day?)

Beck played for two full hours. I was hoping he'd bring Beth out for a song. We were denied. I was also hoping Johnny Marr might make an appearance. Again, denied. Beck's act has drastically improved since I saw him in October at the Coachella Festival. His band's sound is a lot richer and tighter, though I must wonder if there weren't a couple of 200lb women backstage helping the size 4 backups singers
do the female vocals. I could be wrong. Also of note, Beck did a few older solo numbers with acoustic guitar and harmonica.

I called Y100 in Philly this morning and they let me speak on air about Beth's performance last night! (I was the first person to turn Preston, one of the morning DJs, on to Beth...way back in the day!) Needless to say, I am VERY excited to hear Beth again on Friday in Philly. Beth will be performing at the Tower Theatre, which has been the venue of many artists' live albums throughout the years. I have pretty crappy seats for this show as well- I'll be the tall brunette with glasses back in Row 'R' :P

I'll be taking my friend Stephie to the show. I took her to Beth's solo show at the TLA last spring and now she's hooked, too! Is anyone else going to the Philly show? Does anyone want to meet up for dinner with us beforehand? I have most of this week off from work, including Friday, so I'd love to meet for an earlish dinner before the show. Meeting after the show is also obviously a possibility...


Beth's set sounded awesome-her band sounded better than ever to me, very tight. My only problem with it-too darn short!!! i know she was only the opener, but the concert ended at barely 11:00!!!!! I think it was the shortest show I ever saw. Oh well.

Her songs (not exactly in order):
pass in time
sweetest decline
someone's daughter
central reservation
stolen car
no expectations (rolling stones cover)
best bit
she cries your name
so much more

umm I think that was about it. soooooo good though. I was sitting in row O (back of the orchestra section). I could see figures but not faces. when Oasis and Travis play there may 1st, I'm going to pay
extra $$$ to be first row. it's worth it. I prefer small places, really, like when I saw her at roseland. I wish she was playing her own gig at Irving Plaza-too bad that didn't happen.

Beck was excellent. Very funky. How the hell does he hit those notes? : ) Strange crowd there, don't you think? I was pissed because so many people were talking during beth's performance, and they were all filtering in at that time too. Oh well, no sense nitpicking. Is beth going to release another single from CR? Just curious. Love those B-sides.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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